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Highlights from my photos of End of the Road Festival 2013!

I had the most incredible weekend shooting fantastic bands, making great friends and generally slowing down after a frantic Edinburgh Fringe. 

This festival is so different and it doesn’t hit you until the Sunday - Almost too late to appreciate! There are three stages which are 5 minute walks, there’s no human traffic and hardly any queues, the food is amazing, its incredibly clean… okay..it might not be a festival after that description. Possibly a lovely 3 day picnic with a great music line up?

High points:

• The Staves. Hands down highlight of the weekend. Sitting in front of the barrier watching their set…just a different world
•The Line-up - I loved it.. you could see who you wanted to see and very rarely missed someone
•The Line-up - the bands I knew.. I loved. the bands that I chanced upon.. I haven’t stopped listening to ever since
• Getting around the site - Took 5 minutes to get from photo-pit to photo pit regardless of it being busy
• The people - everyone is so relaxed and laid back
• The size - Its not so small that it doesn’t feel like a festival but it isn’t so big that it feels like a city.
• The food - The food was INCREDIBLE
• Andy’s Loos.

Low points:
• Inflatable mattress breaking before i even inflated it
• Sleeping on the cold, hard ground.
• The number of perfectly trimmed beards making me feel unworthy as a male.
• Sleeping on my camera bag as a pillow..less than ideal. 
• Carrying a 70-200 lens on a camera body for 14 hours ..arm ache. #turnintoapositivenoneedforgymthisdecade.

So yeah, basically the only low points were involving the fact that one has to camp - Clearly going to have grow a better beard and invest in a yurt. 



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